In our continuing Thai language series, we talk to ‘Thai Language Jedi’ Rikker Dockum about the Thai vowels.

On this episode Rikker talks about the complexities of the vowels. Depending on who you ask there are 32 or 33 vowels in the Thai language but only 30 are actually used. Vowels can come before, after, above, below, or around the consonant that they modify, it’s no wonder that Tony and Greg (and many others) are left scratching their heads.

We also announce a special episode of Bangkok Podcast on October 30 – the last one for our Halloween month – where you – yes, you! – can come down the BP Intergalactic HQ to see us record an episode, and take part in a creepy crawly event that’s part of Thai culture, but something that often causes many foreigners to break out in a sweat.

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