It’s a COVID Christmas Craptacular! The guys discuss all the ways that COVID has made the holiday season difficult for expats and travelers to Thailand. To start things off, Greg plays a quick conversation with podcast supporter Ash, who is now more or less locked out of Thailand due to the recent tightening of restrictions. So much for planning ahead!

Next, Ed details his absolutely epic adventure to Ohio. Despite a successful last-minute scramble to get the right health insurance and beat the deadline for applying for a Thailand Pass, he managed to test positive for COVID on Christmas Eve! So much for spending Christmas with his family for the first time in 20 years. Despite no symptoms whatsoever, he tested positive a week later and is now unable to get back into Thailand under the new rules, so he is stuck in Ohio for the time being. Never fear: the Bangkok Podcast will go on as usual. 

Last, Greg plays a short conversation with Scott, sometime podcast co-host. Unlike Ed, Scott does not have COVID, but what he also doesn’t have is a Thailand Pass, thanks to a lack of hotel paperwork. The result: he’s stuck in Canada for the time being. Maybe Ed and Scott can have a locked out of Thailand party! Woo hoo!

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