Greg interviews David Persey, a long-time English teacher in Asia, about the status of teachers in Thai and Asian culture and how things may have changed over the years. From teaching in private schools and at companies to tutoring organizations and designing curricula. David has seen it all when it comes to English teaching in Thailand over the past 20 years.

Greg wonders what things have changed over time, and David notes that while many things have stayed the same, the demographics have shifted, with fewer young foreigners committing to the world of teaching in Asia. The two discuss possible theories, from the raising of standards to the rise of technology that allows checking teacher qualifications. 

But is teaching in Thailand a genuine career opportunity or just a short-term stepping stone to a ‘real job’? The guys discuss the question in-depth, with David pointing out that while salaries might be low compared to some other countries, the salaries by Thai standards are quite good and the possible lifestyle you can lead in-country is very reasonable – if you’re qualified. That being said, David admits that coming here for the money alone is probably a bad idea. However, (mostly) gone are the days when someone could rock up to Thailand and get a halfway decent teaching job simply because they speak English (like Greg did). All in all, teaching in Thailand is undoubtedly a worthy adventure, especially for those who know what they are getting into, like the listeners of the Bangkok Podcast. 🙂

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