Bangkok may be great for the childless among us, but what about those expats who want to raise a family here? As a married guy without kids, Ed questions Greg about the pros and cons of being a parent in Bangkok. The conversation starts with a peek into the insane cost and stress of deciding which school the little angels/devils will attend, where tuition can sometimes hit $20,000 per year for first grade (coughINSANEcough). Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the top factors in deciding how long – or even if – an expat family will stay here.

But thankfully for the bags under Greg’s eyes, there are lots of other stress points to having a kid in Bangkok! These range from the difficulty of building a social circle, how to approach language learning, and what the hell you can (and can’t) actually DO with a kid in Bangkok. Greg also shares a bit about the difficulties in making sure his spawn grows up understanding the Canuck-ness of his Canadian side, and reminisces about the wistful days of yesteryear when he was told to “go outside and play and come back for dinner,” which you definitely can’t do with a kid in Bangkok.

In “Love, Loathe, or Leave,” Greg challenges Ed with the quirky way (seemingly all) Thai cashiers return change, with both agreeing that the most annoying part of the habit is the insistence on giving small receipts for every purchase, something that the late, great Mitch Hedberg summed up perfectly.

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