In this episode, Greg and Ed discuss a very common issue among expats: how to find a good maid. While very common here, finding a maid is one of the most talked-about tasks when it comes to domestic logistics.

The boys first frame the issue by pointing out that maids are much more common in Thailand than in the West and that many middle class people in Bangkok employ domestic help. Greg relates the awkwardness he felt while sitting around in his apartment while his maid cleaned because as a kid he was taught to always help out. Ed, on the other hand, admits he was pretty spoiled by his mother and sisters and that he jumped on the opportunity to get a maid as soon as he could. They discuss the difficulties in finding a good maid and trade embarrassing maid stories (most involving nudity). Greg eventually tells a friend’s ultimate uptight maid story, which you’ll have to listen to hear, but suffice it to say, if you have an adult movie collection, you might want to keep it under lock and key.  

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