Bangkok Podcast 73: The Return!

This episode of Bangkok Podcast is sponsored by Bangkok Tree House an environmentally friendly retreat in the heart of Phrapradaeng, a lush expanse of jungle just across the river from Bangkok.

Welcome back! Ten months after our last regular show, Tony and Greg are back with a new format but the same focus – Bangkok in all its wonderful, weird, awesome, odd glory. With Tony in Japan (but still heavily involved in Thailand) and Greg now married and busy with a variety of projects, a weekly hour-long show just isn’t possible anymore. However, with the magic of Skype and a few new high-quality microphones, we decided that a monthly show focussing on the Big Mango’s top stories would be a nice way to ease back into the podcast bath (uhh…so to speak).

On our first show back, we talk about two of the top stories that have been burning up social media and coffee houses this month. First is the Thailand’s Got Talent show in which a nice young lady came on stage and proceeded to strip off her shirt and bra, dump paint all over her chest, and rub her boobies on a big canvas! Art or trash? Well, watch the clip on Youtube and decide for yourself. Whatever it was, the powers that be certainly weren’t pleased – and it got even stranger when it came out that the TV show had paid the girl to do it!

Next we talk about a CNNGo article titled How to be a Bangkok Local: Ten Tips on Faking It, a humorous, tongue-in-cheek jab at some of Bangkok’s stereotypes and eccentricities. But apparently, subtle humour and sly satire don’t translate too well into Thai and the story was soon the talk of the town, with people accusing the (Thai) author of being a traitor, of insulting the country, and being just a very rude person. Of course, there were those who ‘got it’ and thought the story was funny, but that didn’t do anything to quell the back-and-forth on the comment section.

We are also happy to mention our partnership with Coconuts Bangkok, the city’s newest news and reviews website, which we browse to see what people are talking about. Head on over and see the most up to date information on everything Bangkok.

We also wanted to send a big thanks to our sponsor, the Bangkok Treehouse, an environmentally friendly retreat in the heart of Phrapradaeng, a lush expanse of jungle just across the river from Bangkok. It’s a beautiful and peaceful place to escape the city, with awesome food and some pretty badass surroundings. As they say on their website, it’s a view with a room, a very apt description.

And don’t forget our random plug of the month – PechaKucha, a fun and cool presentation event taking place in Bangkok on July 9. Check it out the Pecha Kucha website and if you feel like seeing Greg make a fool of himself, come down to check it out – he’ll be one of the presenters!

Also listen for our cool new remixed intro music by Q-Bar’s legendary DJ Octo. DJ Octo was a past guest on Bangkok Podcast and now has his own podcast called Q-Bar Live which keeps you up to date on all the activities at Bangkok’s hottest club. Make sure to give it a listen at Q-Bar Live