On this episode, Master Yoda Biker Greg counsels young padawan Ed in the ways of biking in Bangkok, focusing either on the casual rider looking for some exercise or adventure, the commuter looking for a way through Bangkok’s notoriously bad traffic (and unreliable BTS!), or the adventurer looking to blaze new trails (for an example of this, see this week’s episode artwork of Greg’s good friend Paul exploring a new trail).

Greg and Ed discuss all the important points of biking in Bangkok – safety, directions, equipment, and more, plus a discussion on how (most) Thai drivers are actually very aware of their surroundings, providing a surprisingly stress-free ride, if you happen to be riding in traffic (there’s a million disclaimers on this, but that’s Greg’s take, anyway).

Greg also runs through some of the obstacles thrown up by the Thai government – such as no bikes allowed on the skytrain, or bike paths that are build and then abandoned – that can make it difficult to bike in the city. However, in the end, the guys stress that biking is a GREAT way to appreciate the charm of the sprawling, chaotic metropolis of Bangkok.

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