Greg interviews Colonel Johnny Thoyts, an old friend who has been retired in Thailand for over 20 years. Johnny has had an interesting time in Thailand – as the former British military attaché, he summarizes his career and his various experiences living in Thailand and dealing with some of the country’s top military and diplomatic brass. 

Next, Johnny recounts his life in Bangkok, Hua Hin, and more recently Khorat. Greg and Johnny discuss the cultural quirks of Thailand, from the Thais reaction to older foreigners living in Thailand to the Thai attitude of ‘mai pen rai.’ 

Then, Johnny relates the changing retirement rules in Thailand, including the cash required in Thai banks to support a retirement visa. He emphasizes the fairly harsh nature of Thai laws that apply to resident expats, as opposed to the laws of neighboring countries such as Malaysia. Although he likes his life in Thailand and has resigned himself to it, his dream (and the dream of many expats) is that Thailand revise the laws that apply to long time foreign residents who pay taxes, support their local communities, and have families.

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