Bangkok Podcast 23: Tourist Scams

Bangkok is a big and fast-paced city, and you need a significant amount of street smarts to avoid the many pitfalls that are present. One thing that many people find – despite the well-publicized ‘Land of Smiles’ image – is that Thailand has scam artists just like any other city around the world. Often these con artists weave incredibly intricate and cunning schemes to extract money out of unwitting tourists; the complexity of the schemes is incredible and people often lose anywhere from hundreds of baht to thousands of dollars.

In continuing our Halloween theme, Greg and Tony talk about some of the more common scams they’ve heard of and/or experienced, and share a few inside tips on what to look for, how to react, what to avoid, and – most importantly – what to do if you somehow find yourself a victim.

Greg and Tony also wax lyrical about the delightfully cool weather this week; talk about a great giveaway from one of our former guests; and Tony gives everyone a pro tip on avoiding the rain.

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