Bangkok Podcast 7: Transportation

When people hear ‘Bangkok’ they usually think of either red light districts or traffic jams. Well, because they are such good boys, Tony and Greg don’t have much experience with the former, but plenty of experience with the latter, and that’s what they’ll be talking about today. From haggling with tuk-tuk drivers, paying traffic fines for motorcycle taxis or trying to avoid eye infections on the Klong Saen Saeb canal boat, we’ll discuss all the modes of transport in this sprawling city, how they fit together, and how to get the most of out of using them.

In addition, Greg tells us about a Thai funeral he attended recently with some decidedly non-Canadian traditions observed, and Bangkok Podcast announces their 2-month anniversary party – and you’re invited!

And a quick note – sorry for the little pops and cracks during the podcast – we seem to have some gremlins in our gear, but are working on sorting it out.

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Bangkok Podcast Launch Party

Photo: Motoyen