Bangkok Podcast 64: Travelfish

Today we’re joined by Stuart McDonald, President, Founder, CEO and all around big boss at Travelfish, one of the most respected independent travel sites out there. Stu gives us a fascinating look into building a travel site from nothing, and shares with us a few inside tips on the travel industry, like how to remain anonymous when reviewing hotels, how the guidebook industry is evolving, and what ‘travel’ means for different people. He also talks with us about what he does when he realizes another website is ripping off his content, how Thailand may be in danger of losing its crown as Asia’s top travel spot, and what part Travelfish and sites like it play in the over-touristing of a chosen site.

We’re also joined by Ryan White, a filmmaker who is working on a film called Mondo Banana. It sounds weird to our limited western way of thinking, but bananas actually have some pretty serious cultural and religious significance in Asia, and you’ll be surprised just how far his journey has taken him into a world most of us know nothing about.

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