Happy one year anniversary to us! On the regular show this week, listeners are sending in questions, dictating what we’ll be talking about. You’ll hear it tomorrow. But for you fantastic patrons, we’re asking questions of each other on this special and exclusive episode just for you. Even though we’ve been doing this together for a year now, we don’t actually know all that much about each other. Let’s start fixing that, shall we?

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The story of how and where Greg met his lovely wife, Aom. It has nothing to do with Soi Cowboy but everything to do with Greg’s smooth moves and plying her with expensive drinks — that he made her pay for!
  • Why Evo chose Thailand to make his home base when he could have chosen anywhere in the entire world. No, it has nothing do with extradition treaties but everything to do with his wife’s mad employment skills.
  • What drove Greg and Tony (the first co-host) to start this thing called the Bangkok Podcast. This story (oddly enough) has nothing to do with go-go bars but everything to do with political unrest and being a fame whore.
  • What Evo — one of the oldest podcasters out there — thinks about the present and future of podcasting. Don’t worry: We edited down the unnecessarily long answer. Get off the soapbox, Evo.
  • Speaking of podcasting, we’ll cover what it was that caused Greg (and Tony) to kill the show after 70-ish episodes. And what’s different now in the second season of the show.
  • And finally, some parenting advice from Evo (his son was born in 1991) to Greg (K-Rock is still a toddler) on how not to screw up as much as he did.

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