Bangkok Podcast 14: Voranai Vanijaka

As an editor at the Bangkok Post, one of the Kingdom’s English-language daily newspapers, Voranai Vanijaka is afforded an opportunity to have his voice heard, discussed and argued about that few of use ever have. As a journalist, his job is to look at the world through a long lens and comment on what he sees. However, in a country like Thailand – where long-held perceptions are hard to change and powerful personalities enjoy the stability of the status quo, turning that lens inward can often cause a bit of… uneasiness.

Khun Voranai joins us to talk about the somewhat controversial nature of his writing, and especially about a recent article he wrote, ‘Amart and Prai’, which challenged the long-established class structure that governs Thai societal interactions.

Tony also talks about why his trip to Japan was postponed, and Greg rattles on about another one of his bike rides, this time to the village of Baan Bat, where the locals work to preserve their unique art of beautiful, hand-made copper bowls.

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Bangkok Post: Amart and Prai