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As you heard last week, Evo’s time as co-host is coming to a close in a few short weeks. But as promised, we’ve already secured a new voice for season 3 of the Bangkok Podcast, and it’s a voice you’re already familiar with. Ed Knuth, a teacher at Thammasat University, guest hosted the Thai Smile episode a few weeks back, giving us one of our most popular recent episodes. So thanks to you, he’ll soon be the regular voice behind the mic.

The three of us gathered at Jack’s bar on the banks of the beautiful, pristine Chao Phraya river in Bangkok to discuss how living in Thailand for long or short durations changes your perception. Is it easier to deal with “This Is Thailand” when the little peculiarities Thailand throws at you become just part of the scenery? Or is long term exposure bad for your mental health? Or perhaps it’s a cycle, leading from love to loathe to just living?

That sounds like a good segue to Love, Loath, or Leave, where we take on the Thai love for instant coffee. You’ll have to listen to find out where we land, but it’s unanimous!

For those who haven’t heard the news: Evo isn’t sick, nor has he been targeted by immigration. He’s going to be a grandfather in a few short months, so he and his wife have decided to prioritize grandparent-hood over expat life. But don’t worry. He still has a few more episodes of the show to record before he takes off and we start up season three of the show.

That third season, just like the second season, will continue to be 100% funded by listeners just like you who get some special swag from us. And we’ll keep our Facebook, Twitter, and LINE accounts active so you can send us comments, questions, or whatever you want to share.