If Thailand is good for one thing, it’s ‘interesting’ expats, and Greg and Ed keep it light with a humorous discussion of some of the crazy characters they’ve met over the years in Bangkok. All names have been changed of course, but Greg recounts a few stories of ‘Chandler’, an out-of-control, heavy drinking, motorcycle riding, jacket busting, wrecking ball of an expat, as well an African refugee who recounted stories of civil war that sobered Greg up real quick.

Ed counters with a few stories of a chap who couldn’t open his refrigerator door lest he be electrocuted and spent his evenings dropping acid and watching his pet turtles race, as well as a Swedish friend who ended up getting deported and incarcerated back home on the continent.

There are always stories to entertain and lessons to learn if you ask a question and listen, and Bangkok is a fantastic place to mine for stories and lessons. And remember – if you’re bored in Bangkok, the problem ain’t Bangkok. 🙂

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