Bangkok Podcast 34: Woody Milintachinda Pt1

On the first part of a special two-part episode, we are very pleased to welcome one of Thailand’s top talk show personalities, Woody Milintachinda. As host and producer of ‘Woody Kerd Ma Kui’ (Born to Talk), Woody is well known to Thais all over the country for his unique style of interviewing everyone from supermodels to fortune tellers to politicians. Sometimes controversial but always interesting, Woody joins Bangkok Podcast to talk about his childhood in the US and Switzerland, the positive and negative aspects of being a high-profile TV star, and how he hides his mid-afternoon naps from his staff.

In addition, Greg talks about his New Year’s Eve party, and Tony goes into detail about his recent trip to Japan, explaining just how different Tokyo is to Bangkok, and how Tokyo would likely simply stop working if a bit of Bangkok’s chaotic nature were introduced into the mix.

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