We’re on location again, this time up by Don Muang Airport. We’ll talk about where we are during the regular show, but for this exclusive content, we’re talking more about the adventure we each had getting that far north in Bangkok.

Greg took a combo BTS-taxi trip, of when none was enjoyable but is rather funny to listen to, if only because you didn’t have to live through it. Evo made the trek on his motorbike, but only after he tracked down batteries for the recording gear that would last long than 12 seconds. And he needed petrol. Planning is overrated. And so is the idea of setting a navigation app to provide directions in Thai when you have only the most tenuous grasp of the language. Dummy.

But after getting to our destination, we’re very excited about the possibilities of taking the new elevated tracks up to this part of Bangkok when it’s finished. Because not driving through a swamp would be nice. And there’s a quick conversation about aviation history. Because we’re filled with odd knowledge. Some of which is accurate.

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