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On this show, Greg introduces a fascinating question for expats: to what extent should they see themselves as ‘ambassadors’ who represent the country they come from – or indeed, expats in general? Ed opens a bit contrarian, arguing that expats only have a duty to obey the law and not act like jerks, the same as if they were at home. Greg counters that while that sounds good in theory, in fact locals will blame expats’ countries and cultures for expats’ individual misbehavior. This leads to a fascinating (if we do say so ourselves) back and forth from two long term expats on exactly what duty should guide expats while overseas.

They boys also discuss a related but slightly different issue: to what extent should expats ‘do as the Thais do’? Do we have a duty to assimilate and ‘act Thai’? Your hosts discuss the minimum (taking shoes off, bowing, etc.) but also possible limits on how ‘Thai’ foreigners should be in the Land of Smiles. 

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