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Busting Some Myths About Prostitution in Thailand [S5.E61]

Ed leads a discussion and semi-rant about a persistent myth regarding the history of prostitution in Thailand that was recently perpetuated by a . The myth goes like this: prostitution wasn’t much of a thing in Thailand until the Vietnam War era,...

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Busting Some Myths About Prostitution in Thailand [S5.E61]

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Busting Some Myths About Prostitution in Thailand [S5.E61]

May 17, 2022

Ed leads a discussion and semi-rant about a persistent myth regarding the history of prostitution in Thailand that was recently perpetuated by a . The myth goes like this: prostitution wasn’t much of a thing in Thailand unti…

Achievement Unlocked! Even More Expat Merit Badges [S5.E60]

May 10, 2022

Because the first show was so fun to do - and full of great listener-generated ideas! - Greg and Ed revisit the idea of expat ‘merit badges,’ a recognition of classic experiences in Thailand that indicate you are more than j…

Author Chris Baker Discusses Thai History, Culture & Conflict [S5.E59]

May 3, 2022

Greg and Ed interview expat legend Chris Baker, co-author (along with his wife Pasuk Phongpaichit) of , in addition to several other well-known books on Thailand. Greg and Ed gush over the fact they have both read Chris’s mo…

Greg’s Canada Trip: Thoughts on Reverse Culture Shock [S5.E58]

April 26, 2022

It’s Greg’s turn for some reverse culture shock as he relates his return to Thailand from the Great White North of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Ed first notes the differences between his situation and Greg’s: he still has famil…

The Psychology of Tourist Scams with Tourism Expert Ding Xu [S5.E57]

April 19, 2022

Anyone who has been to Thailand knows the old “Ohhh, the temple is closed today, why don’t you come with me to this gem store?” Despite warnings in literally every bit of content about traveling to Thailand, thousands still …

Thai Games: From Playgrounds to Cards to Beetle Fighting [S5.E.56]

April 12, 2022

Thanks to a suggestion from a listener Greg and Ed discuss the fascinating topic of games that are common - if not unique - to Thailand. Both guys have some familiarity with some games played in public such as ‘takraw,’ but …

About the Hosts

Greg Jorgensen Profile Photo

Greg Jorgensen

Founder/Co-host (Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

It all started when my best friend suggested we go to Thailand to visit a friend of ours in Chiang Mai in 2001. I told him I can’t just “go to Thailand” and he asked why not. I didn’t have a suitable answer, so we planned a four month trip full of beaches, palm trees, and looking at maps on street corners. Turns out he wasn’t much for traveling though, and went back to Canada after 12 days. I decided to see how things played out, and I’m still here. In that time I’ve taught English, worked as a team building facilitator, done voice overs, gotten shot at (in movies), performed standup comedy, and written enough travel stories to fill a very short book. My interests are movies, technology, bike riding, and short walks on the beach (it’s too hot here to take long walks).

Ed Knuth Profile Photo

Ed Knuth

Co-host (Season 3, 4, 5)

I moved to Thailand in 2000, mostly just to take a break from the American rat race. By ‘break,’ I expected to be in Thailand for 6 months or maybe even one year (!). But everything changed after my first few months in Bangkok. It’s hard to pinpoint any specific thing – it’s just that my life became an adventure. Although I’ve worked many different jobs over the years (mostly academic related), that feeling of ‘adventure’ has never really left – and so I never have.
Currently, I work at a Thai university, and my job is basically to explain ‘the West’ (mostly the U.S. and Great Britain) to Thai students. Having to do that has forced me to better understand where Thais are coming from, and I find being in between these two fascinating worlds a blast!
In my spare time, I’m both a music and a movie person; I’m especially into live blues music and the American ‘New Hollywood’ films of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Evo Terra Profile Photo

Evo Terra

Co-host (Season 2)

I took a sabbatical in 2015… and never looked back.

After my year abroad — 13 countries on three continents — I’ve decided to make Bangkok my home base for 2016. I’m providing services for a select group of clients, focused on podcasting, media distribution, and strategic consulting services

My podcasting CV tells the story best. I started podcasting on October 14, 2004. According to Podcast Alley, I was the 40th podcaster ever. I’m also the co-author of Podcasting for Dummies and Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies. I launched and managed a network of over 700 audiobooks released in serialized podcast form. I’ve spent over a decade in or adjacent to the C-Suite in marketing departments or digital agencies focused on new media and innovation. Today, I still share my stories with the world via podcasts.

Tony Joh Profile Photo

Tony Joh

Founder/Co-host (Season 1)

Anthony has been a world traveler since birth, having grown up in Japan, USA and eventually settling in Canada. He’s been a business savvy entrepreneur ever since his first venture selling newspapers at the age of 9. After getting the travel bug he sold his successful automotive business and took off on a globe trotting adventure. He spent some time exploring Europe and indulging his passion for classic European cars before landing in Bangkok and starting the Bangkok Podcast.

Anthony Joh now lives in Tokyo, Japan where he can be heard on the Tokyo Podcast. Listen each week as Anthony shines a spotlight on Asia’s most exciting and innovative city.

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