Hey there! If you've come this far it means that you're a least a little bit interested in supporting the show, right?

Well first of all, we genuinely appreciate any support that anyone can give. Producing two shows per week (that includes that bonus show, which only supporters get) takes time and resources, and it warms our cockles to know that good people like you appreciate the effort. 

Our platform of choice for showing the Bangkok Podcast some love is Patreon, which we think works really well. The basics are this: sign up to be a patron of the show and you'll get a custom RSS URL. Add that to your podcast player and you'll get the regular episodes and the bonus episodes in the same feed. Easy.

Patrons also get an email for each episode that, when possible, include behind-the-scenes photos and other content relevant to each episode. Important: Make sure to whitelist the domain, lest the mails get sent to spam.

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