Anthony Joh Bangkok Podcast Host
Anthony Joh has been a world traveler since birth, having grown up in Japan, USA and eventually settling in Canada. He’s been a business savvy entrepreneur ever since his first venture selling newspapers at the age of 9. After getting the travel bug he sold his successful auto detailing business and took off on a globe trotting adventure. He spent some time exploring Europe and indulging his passion for classic European cars before landing in Bangkok and starting Thai-FAQ where he documents life as an expat in this crazy city.

Anthony has now moved from Bangkok to Tokyo and you can follow his new adventures at Tokyo-Podcast

Greg Jorgensen Bangkok Podcast Host
Greg Jorgensen grew up sandwiched between wheat fields and mountains in a wee town with a funny name in mid-western Canada. After working in the film industry, as a stand-up comedian, and an office peon, he came to Thailand in 2001 for what was supposed to be four months of sun and fun, and promptly forgot to leave. In the years since, he has worked as a teacher, a tour guide, a business consultant, a voice-over artist, actor, and writer. When he’s not writing or podcasting, Greg likes to rant about life in Thailand at, and explore Bangkok’s winding alleys and hidden corners on foot and bicycle with his equally curious friends.