Bangkok Podcast: The End

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Bangkok Podcast 76: Freedom to Walk

Well folks, after much discussion and late night Skype chats, Greg and Tony have decided that Bangkok Podcast has reached the end. As you’ve no doubt heard us talk about before, putting a podcast together takes a lot of time and effort, and time is something that both Greg and Tony have very little of these days, so it’s time to hang up the ol’ mics.

With one last show left, we talk a bit about Greg’s recent trip to Macau, Tony’s upcoming trip to Bangkok, and a great new e-book by a local blogger called 101 Things to Do In Bangkok that can help fill the void left by the podcast closing up shop.

We’ll both still be around on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and various other online haunts – just because the podcast is over doesn’t mean the journey is done! (cue some righteous 80’s hair metal ballad).

A very sincere thanks to all of our past guests, listeners, supporters and fans who have helped make the show such an enjoyable thing to do since our very first show on May 3, 2010. We hope to see you all again – if not in real life, then definitely online.

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