Greg interviews Dwight Turner, the founder of Courageous Kitchen, a nonprofit organization that centers on food and nutrition education for at-risk youth and families in Bangkok.

Dwight recounts the start of the organization and how it sprang from a simple desire to find something more meaningful in his life after the traveling and partying were done. Over time, the organization evolved into a program that teaches young people how and what to cook. Seems easy, but for those at risk – such as Bangkok’s refugeee communities – mastering kitchen skills open up all kinds of doors in empowerment and confidence building.

To make practical use of potentially dangerous things such as knives and gas stoves and to plan and prepare a meal with a team of peers instills a sense of responsibility and leadership in the children who have gone through the program. When all is said and done, cooking is harder and scarier for kids than you might realize at first.

Along the way, Courageous Kitchen passes on nutrition information that the students can then disseminate either formally or informally in their communities, inspires entrepreneurism, and provides English lessons to help the kids function in an international community.

Dwight also relates some of the success stories of young people and families that have gone through his program, some of whom who have gone on to successful education and careers in the U.S.

Last, Dwight gives advice on how anyone can help out, either through donations or through volunteering.

For more info, watch these short YouTube videos profiling Courageous Kitchen here, here, and here.

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