In a first for the podcast, the boys decide to review a part of the Bangkok Podcast website – the relatively new for Season 4 ‘Resources’ section. A few weeks back we posted a page called ‘Some Thoughts on Thai Culture,’ and it elicited some responses from friends of the podcast, so we decided to dig into it.

We don’t want to rehash what’s already there, so if you haven’t read it yet, mosey on over and check it out. In brief, the page lists 5 key characteristics of Thai culture: 1) Respect for authority; 2) Being indirect; 3) High context; 4) Fitting in; and 5) No problems. Greg and Ed discuss each, trying to find exceptions and bring some nuance to the characteristics. 

At the end, Ed brings up an ‘honorable mention’: an important characteristic that didn’t quite make the top five: Thais also are particularly concerned about appearing proper in public, but in private are no more conservative than most Westerners. 

Of course, these are just our opinions and observations – we’d love to hear thoughts, feedback, or dissenting opinions. Listen in for the details!