The big news of the day is of course the coronavirus, something Greg and Ed have talked about frequently on the bonus show, which goes to our patrons. But on this show, though, the guys dive right in and address the Thai government’s bizarre and inconsistent public declarations about the virus and the government’s policy towards it. 

Ed does his best to recount the government’s statements of the last few days: first, an apparent mandatory quarantine of all travelers from nine countries, followed by that statement disappearing and radio silence from the government. Then, a new statement indicating an ‘optional’ quarantine of travelers from fewer countries, followed by a new statement from TAT apparently discouraging tourists to travel to Thailand from high-risk countries.

The boys lament the fact that bad PR by the Thai government would be laughable in some circumstances, but in the case of coronavirus it is potentially deadly. At the very least, hundreds of thousands of tourists – not to mention Thais in the hospitality and service industries – are affected by Thai governmental policies, so professionalism and clarity are of utmost importance.

To wrap things up, Greg and Ed discuss various theories to explain the government’s strange ineptitude at communicating with the public. Greg introduces a theory that it could be be partly due to Thai cultural communication styles, while Ed considers a more mundane explanation: military-bureaucratic incompetence. 

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