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Love it!

My weekly dose of Bangkok chat

Enjoy hearing different perspectives on Bangkok life.

Fun and tons of great aspects

I love this a lot. As a Thai, it’s fun to hear about Bangkok in the aspects of foreigners who are now insiders. I’m not sure if you can remember me but I’m Phendao (Kaew), was one of your students at BAS ka Aj.Ed. I loved your classes and listening to you via podcast is really refreshing and feels like I’m sitting in your class again and I miss those good times. Thank you Greg and Aj.Ed for making this channel!!!


Really enjoy this podcast, refreshing and insightful discussing real topic in bkk.


Love listening to these guys... it’s a must for any expats in BKK. Mike M

New perspective

After living here for 18 years, it was refreshing to get another perspective from these guys, who are also from areas which I am from in North America. Allowing me to appreciate, what I've come accustomed to here in Thailand.

Best resource for learning about Bangkok

Bangkok Podcast is the best resource for learning about Bangkok. I am Thai and I really enjoy learning about how farang see my city. Each show is lots of fun and I really enjoy their parties! Great work guys!!!

Bkkpodcast review

Good show that talks about the funny and strange parts of living in Bangkok. The hosts seem to be having fun and seem to know their stuff about the city. Well worth a listen.