Dec. 5, 2017

A Few Strange (and Possibly False) Laws You Might Experience in Thailand [Season 2, Episode 61]

A Few Strange (and Possibly False) Laws You Might Experience in Thailand [Season 2, Episode 61]

Every city has silly rules on the books that no one cares about anymore, but in Thailand a few of these silly rules might actually affect your day-to-day to life.

On this episode we get into a few vague, strange - and possibly even non-existent - rules that you may or may not bump up against in Thailand. From buying chainsaws to changing your name to flying helicopters to losing your &$%@#! "book bank" (known throughout the rest of the world as bank books), these are things that govern the nuances of every day life. Greg reads 'em off, Evo plays Devil's Advocate to try and discount them, and we land somewhere around the middle.

Love, Loathe, or Leave

Have you ever seen someone - usually a taxi driver - standing right out in the open answering the call of nature without a care in the world as to who sees him (or it?) Yeah, so have we!

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