A Motorcycle Meets A Car Door In Bangkok [Season 2, Episode 63]

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Before we start, we have to mention a recent news story from Bangkok, which is rather appropriate considering the topic of tonight’s show. You may recall we discussed traffic on episode 2.27 — Blood on the Highway: Thailand’s Seven Deadly Days of Songkran. On that episode we mentioned that Thailand was the second-most deadly country in the world for road fatalities. Well, not anymore. We’re number one!

And that’s a good way to set up the rest of the program, as it’s all about an accident we (yes, both of us) were recently involved in. Explaining what happened is tricky, but it involved doubling-up on a motorbike taxi without helmets, a possibly illegal Uber driver, three different quasi-cops, a crazy chicken lady, and someone high up in the taxi mafia (Probably. Possibly. Actually, we have no idea who he was). It’s a story you have to hear to understand, so listen up.

We even stuck with the theme on Love, Loathe, or Leave! Someone told Thai drivers to turn on their hazard lights to signal intent to drive straight through an intersection. It’s not hard to guess how we each feel about this reality of living in Bangkok.

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  1. Jules December 20, 2017 at 10:21 am - Reply

    When I first moved into New York City I was a passenger in a taxi along with a long time New Yawker. I was sitting on the street side and when we came to our drop off spot I almost swung open the door but my fellow passenger grabbed my door handle. Looked me in the eye and said “don’t be a jerkoff, always exit a car curbside”.
    The accident is Evo’s fault, not the Uber driver, not the bike driver or passengers. Pay the victims’ damages (medical and property) and you have learned some urban car etiquette.

    • Greg December 20, 2017 at 11:57 am - Reply

      Thanks Jules! Have you seen Premium Rush, about bike couriers in New Yawk? Pretty decent little movie, and yeah, opening up a car door there can get your ass beat with a metal chain (apparently). Anyway, we DID open the door curbside, and, as we discussed in the show, motorbikes are not supposed to pass on the left. I say maybe CULTURALLY it was not the motorbike’s fault, as everyone passes on the left anyway, but LEGALLY, all signs point to it being his fault. Then again, you’re the lawyer and I ain’t. Then again, TiT.

  2. Jules December 20, 2017 at 9:13 pm - Reply

    good flick. yeah if he passed on the curbside then the biker is at fault. Thanks, enjoy the show!

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