After a very strange intro in which Greg extols the virtues of a mind-numbingly happy Finnish folk tune, we get into the main episode, which comes in two parts.

First, Greg interviews his friend Yining, who is just finishing a two week quarantine after returning to Thailand from Singapore. She explains the quarantine process in Bangkok, her COVID test (which came back negative, as expected), her hotel accommodations arranged by the Thai government (but that she had to pay for), and how she’s amused herself over the nearly two weeks spent alone. In short, it was no party, but Yining has gotten through it OK.

In the second half, Greg and Ed give advice to anyone in Yining’s situation (or actually anyone stuck at home during a lockdown), who is looking for recommendations for a book to read or a movie, documentary or series to watch. From Vikings to video games to the skinny on Buddhism, suffice it to say that the guys’ recommendations are shockingly insightful and arguably life-changing to anyone who follows up on them. Listen to the show to find out exactly what they all are. 🙂

We also do a special Patron shoutout to our buddy Nicholas, and announce that we’ve donated $100 to a school he used to teach at, the Karenni Social Development Center in Mae Hong Son province. Can you join us in showing this great organization some love?

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