Oct. 17, 2017

Acting Like an Actor in Thailand [Season 2 Episode 54]

Acting Like an Actor in Thailand [Season 2 Episode 54]

Want to make a few bucks as an actor in Thailand? Well, since we've been there and done that, we’re discussing the ups and downs of emoting for cash. But first, Greg's about to fight Bangkok's killer rush hour traffic twice in one day!

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So Evo was recently the star of a Pakistani commercial shot in Thailand, and by “star” we mean he was on-screen for about four seconds. That got Greg thinking wistfully of his own time as a thespian here in the Land of Smiles, so we thought we'd talk a bit about what it's like being an actor in Thailand. While Evo is the most recent “actor” in this two-way conversation, Greg has by far the longer filmography. And he went to film school! Here are some choice bits from the episode, including some links if you want to watch:

  • Watch Evo’s Sprite commercial. He’s the Pakistani chef, obviously.
  • Watch a clip featuring Greg in the TV miniseries Blackbeard. He’s the panhandler, obviously.
  • Where you can find acting/model/extra gigs in Thailand
  • Working with agents/scouts
  • What you can expect when you go on casting calls in Thailand
  • What life on set is really like on set for every actor who isn’t the star
  • How to hobnob with the actual stars (and make all the extras jealous!)
  • How you too can make thousands of baht (not dollars) acting in Thailand
  • Why you probably should leave your comedic antics at home and not get in trouble like one of us

But don’t worry: We won’t let our huge acting success go to our heads. We like doing the podcast, if only because we don’t have to sit around waiting to start. Or share 30% with an agent! Also: Did you know that you can listen to our show via email? We’re all about making it easy to listen to us every week, and email remains the killer app. Sign up if that make sense to you. Oh, and we’ll never send you anything other than the episode each week. We’re not big on email marketing. Like… at all.

Love, Loathe, or Leave

A good chunk of Bangkok’s commuters avoid traffic by taking… a boat? Yes, the boats of the Saen Saep canal are quite the experience and a super cheap way to get around the city. Find out how we feel about putting our lives and hygiene at risk by taking this low-tech high-speed transit option. We’ll say one thing: it’s authentic!

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