Greg and Ed dive into the flooding crisis in Thailand. (Get it?) Ed begins with some sobering statistics on the recent spate of floods that have affected 34 provinces, including Bangkok, which kicks off some not-so-nostalgic discussions about previous Bangkok flood stories, from wading down the soi in flip flops or simply being trapped at home on an ‘island’ until the water subsides. Granted, considering the flooding issues that some people have dealt with, this is small potatoes.   

But have things gotten worse? The guys admit they lack the expertise to know for sure, but it does seem that the annual problem of flooding hasn’t gotten any better, even though the rainy season is largely predictable. Adding to the gloomy situation are Bangkok’s precarious position at near sea level and the rising oceans due to climate change.

The boys end with a somewhat desperate hope that the Thai government has a team of world class experts working on a master plan to save our beloved city. Does it? Greg and Ed don’t know, but if you have confidence in the Thai government to deal with this immense problem, the boys have some swampland in Florida to sell you. It’s also near sea level by the way. 🙂

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Photo by Philip Roeland