Continuing our series on interesting episodes in Thai history, this episode focuses on the infamous Blue Diamond Affair, It all started when a Thai gardener named Kriangkrai Techamon, who was working in Saudi Arabia, decided to make off with $20 million worth of gems and jewelry belonging to a Saudi royal. Although the thief was caught shortly after his return to Thailand, he had already sold much of the loot, including the famed 50 karat ‘Blue Diamond.’ No problem – the gems were returned to Saudi Arabia and an apology issued. Case closed!

BUT! Soon after the treasure was returned, Saudi authorities claimed that over half of the returned gems were fake, including the Blue Diamond. The Saudi authorities sent a special team of investigators to Bangkok to investigate…and what followed was a tale of murder, kidnapping, and black magic, with the ultimate result being a near-total diplomatic breakdown between the two countries that continues to this day. It’s a plot almost too twisty for Hollywood, but listen in for details on one of the strangest episodes in Thai history.

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