Greg and Ed interview Michael Messner, long time expat, Patpong bar entrepreneur, and the founder and curator of the Patpong Museum. Opened this year, the Patpong Museum is meant to educate the public on the entire history of the Patpong area, stretching from its earliest development more than 100 years ago until today – and there’s way more to it than just go-go bars!

Michael exemplifies the ‘interesting expat,’ having first come to Thailand to expand his art business only to meet a Thai woman and begin to plant roots in Bangkok. Through a chance encounter he found a mentor close to the Patpong family, and this gave Michael the opportunity to enter the hectic world of Bangkok bar and restaurant ownership. Many years later and after much (eventual) success, he decided to open the Patpong Museum. Why does Bangkok’s most famous red light district deserve a museum? Well, you need to hear Michael tell the story but suffice it to say that the Patpong area has a long and fascinating history much before the modern era of the night market and go-go bars, involving family drama, CIA intrigue, and straight old-fashioned corporate commercialization.

And in a nice twist, Michael offers listeners of the Bangkok Podcast a 20% discount on admission. Just mention BP when you arrive to cash in! 

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