Greg and Ed and each been in Thailand for more than 15 years, and along the way have done a lot of things right – but also a lot of things wrong. So in the spirit of the almighty do-over, they each thought of three pieces of advice they would give to their early Thailand selves. First of all, the boys skip the obvious piece of advice – learn Thai – which should be #1 on the list of everyone planning to spend more than 6 month here.

From there they get into the nitty-gritty – from dating advice to how to avoid stressing out over Thai politics, to leaving Bangkok in the rearview, while also making a point to visit some of its lesser-known cultural resources, Greg and Ed think of a few important points that would have made their early Thailand experience not so much better, but possibly richer and more rewarding.

And in this week’s Love, Loathe, or Leave, Greg asks Ed his thoughts on the weak, bendy, nearly useless forks and spoons at Thai food courts (and, most frustratingly, in Greg’s kitchen). It’s safe to say neither loves them, but listen in for some musings on why, exactly, Thais put up with such lame cutlery.

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