The guys discuss something of great interest to many of our listeners – where to take the best photos in Bangkok. Ed begins by discussing main tourist attractions such as temples; they have been photographed millions of times, but if you aren’t looking for something unique, Bangkok’s disparate temples are a great place to practice. For something a little out of the way, Ed also recommends a trip to Ayutthaya for a ‘mini-Angkor’ experience, which, while also over-photographed, is something special for the noobie. Greg chimes in with a vote for Talad Noi, his old stomping ground, which is filled with odd architecture, abandoned vehicles, industrial equipment, and a vibe right out of Blade Runner (especially when it rains).

Ed next points out that Bangkok’s skies can provide dramatic photographs, both at sunup and sundown, and during storms, (partially due to the air pollution), but who are we to question where beauty comes from? Greg puts a vote in for Phahurat (aka Little India), and most especially the gnarled mass of sois behind a large Sikh temple, amidst other photo ops. Ed also suggests the back of Benjasiri Park, where some great action shots can be grabbed of the takraw players there.

To close, a discussion of Bangkok’s coolest architecture, including a few iconic buildings and bridges that lend themselves to some dramatic vistas.

Did we miss any? What’s your favorite place in Bangkok to snap a few awesome photos?

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