The boys reenter the world of the Seven Deadly Sins with a discussion of ‘Wrath’ in Thai culture. What’s the angle? Well, here is Ed’s theory: every society has roughly the same amount of total anger, but in the West negative feelings are expressed in small amounts over time. However, in Thai culture, where there is pressure to always say ‘mai pen rai,’ negative emotions build up over time and come out in an explosion.

In an entirely unscientific discussion, the guys give examples that might support the theory, ranging from musings on why Thailand is the world leader in penis hackings (and thankfully, penis reattachments), to the time a mentally ill man unfortunately attacked the statue of Brahma at the Erawan Shrine only to be beaten to death by the crowd, to the effect that soap operas have on impressionable viewers – and even a scientific paper on the repressed emotions of Thai children from 1976! 

No definitive conclusions are reached, but with a combined nearly 40 years in Thailand, Greg and Ed have plenty of interesting anecdotes to discuss.

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