Greg and Ed tackle the complex question of privacy in Thailand, especially as it compares to privacy back home. But there are lots of types of privacy, so what do we mean?

Firstly, as an expat, you live in a kind of bubble of privacy anyway – often left alone and largely cut off from the Thai-language media, which only increases the sense of privacy. Second, Thai culture is famously indirect, with Thais tending to be less confrontational about a person’s private life, so from a social and cultural perspective, you might say there is more privacy here. BUT! But…Ed contends that, from a legal perspective, there is overall less privacy in Thailand. Does it balance out?

Greg – a noted non-lawyer – agrees to some extent, but says that while Thais may be indirect, they also love to gossip (just ask his neighbors). All of this on top of the fact that the Thai gov’t can pretty much access whatever it wants and has used the pandemic to increase the stickiness of its fingers, means Greg thinks that we all need to be careful about what, when, and to whom we say anything.

Listen in as we go into detail on all of the above.

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