Greg interviews author and noted man-about-town Christopher G. Moore, who returns to the show after appearing in Episode 44 of Season 1. In a wide ranging and philosophical discussion, Greg and Christopher dive into all the bells, whistles, and otherwise that come up in the complicated, messy, and very rewarding journey to putting down a story on paper and making it relatable, exciting, and new.

They discuss the creative process, the need for writers to create empathy in their characters, the effect of social media on attention span, ‘theory of mind,’ the endless intricacies of Bangkok, ‘free will,’ and how curated content on the Internet constantly feeds us things we are already interested in.

Christopher also gives us a preview of his latest nonfiction work Rooms, which explores the way that living indoors has transformed human psychology and culture over the last six thousand years. ‘Narrow’ would not be a good word to describe Christopher’s endlessly curious mind!

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