Greg interviews David Robinson, co-founder of the Creative District Foundation, which promotes the mighty Chao Phraya River community for tourism and cultural purposes through the excellent website Bangkok River, which provides resources, history, and insight into the communities that line it.

But before all this happened, David – a former resident of Sydney and London – felt the neighborhoods around the river in Bangkok were under-utilized and under-developed. (Greg and Ed wholeheartedly agree.) He decided that Bangkok needed an organization that united all the varied groups that had an interest in promoting these areas and BAM – Bangkok River Partners was formed. 

Greg and David discuss the unique neighborhoods along the river, noting how the communities often vary by common profession or craft, while David also points to their great ethnic diversity. Both guys riff on the controlled craziness of Bangkok culture and the extent to which neighborhoods along the river exemplify this fact. 

Last, David details the concept of the ‘Creative District’ a stretch of neighborhoods particularly packed with religious and artistic sites that has become a tourist attraction in Bangkok. There are great things planned for Bangkok, and the Chao Phraya River will play a central role far into the future. 

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