Bangkok is a great city to be an expat in, but it’s not without its challenges. On this show, Greg and Ed compare Bangkok to other expat destinations around the world based on a number of issues from an article Greg read about expat life.

From missing your support network, to worry about finances, to worries over romance and dating, the issues are very real, but also very different, depending on which city you’re in. For instance, both feel that Bangkok is a very easy city to find a new support network, but disagree on how many opportunities Bangkok offers for financial or business success – listen to hear each opposing side.

The boys continue to debate and discuss how Bangkok shapes one’s approach to other common problems from the article – business networking! New friends! Language barriers! Long-term planning! All the greatest hits are here.

Ultimately, the expat life is not for everyone, but discussing the pros and cons of each issue, and understanding how your chosen city – in this case, Bangkok, duh – can add or detract from the journey, is key to your success.

The boys conclusion should be no surprise:  Bangkok is a great place to be an expat!

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