In a lighter episode after a few weeks of serious guests and topics, Greg and Ed trade ‘hard to believe that happened’ stories about living in Thailand. Ed begins with a call of nature nightmare that required an impromptu stop at Lumpini Police Station that ended with a terrified woman and a very relieved Ed in the female toilet.

Greg follows with a cultural ‘no-no’ in one of the least expected places – a go-go bar – where he innocently used his foot to get the attention of one of the girls. After sitting in silence while the woman mercilessly tore strips off of him for what seemed like an eternity, Greg used the experience as a lesson for the tourists he was shepherding through the red light district.

Ed next recounts an utterly bizarre experience that occurred when the Thai government had to verify his marriage during his residency application process. Two government officers came to Ed’s house on the weekend and interviewed him and his wife, which ended up with the couple posing in their bedroom for the overly-demanding officers. Thankfully, they remained fully clothed. Yes, that really happened.

Not to be outdone, Greg concludes with a hilarious story of an audition for a commercial, only to be asked to wrestle bare chested with a strange guy while someone filmed and yelled out instructions. Numerous strange contortions were followed by an impromptu Thai lesson for good measure. And to top it off, he didn’t even get the gig!

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