Director/producer Tom Waller has made a lot of films, but his latest movie might be his most important yet. The Cave tells the story of the rescue of the Wild Boars football team from a flooded cave in northern Thailand. 

On a special extended show, Greg and Ed are happy to have Tom on the show, as well as two special guests, diver/actor Jim Warny, who helped rescue the boys and starred as himself in the film, and composer Olivier Lliboutry!

Tom tells us how he walked the line when writing the script of telling a compelling story without being exploitative, filling his movie with non-actors, as well as his race against the clock to get something to market when others were working hard on their own projects about the same story. Tom also talks about the film industry in Thailand, and how projects like The Cave can serve as ambassadors of sorts for Thailand around the world.

We’re also delighted to talk to Jim about his experience bringing the story to life, what is was like to go from regular dude to high-profile actor overnight, and whether he now considers himself a diver/actor, or actor/diver.

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