Everybody knows that intercultural relationships in Thailand are most likely a Thai woman with a foreign man, but things are changing! It’s not as common, but there are plenty of farang women in relationships with Thai men – partnerships that carry their own unique set of challenges!

Greg interviews Sam Ormond, an Australian and long-term Bangkokian who has been married to a Thai man for many years. Greg and Sam discuss stereotypes of Thai men that may tend to scare away western women, although Sam notes that while these stereotypes may be true of some Thai men (especially younger ones), there are plenty of fantastic Thai men out there. 

Sam also shares several interesting anecdotes about her unusual life as a farang wife in Thailand, from filling out paperwork that doesn’t even have options for women, to the unique requirements of being married to a Thai man who (temporarily) enters the monkhood – and their “re-marriage” when he came back into civilian life!

There’s also a discussion of Asian stereotypes in pop culture, and the fact that Greg really needs some Thai male friends!

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