Sept. 5, 2017

Do Only Weirdos Live In Bangkok? (2.48)

Do Only Weirdos Live In Bangkok? (2.48)

Today we ponder the immortal question for the you have to be a weirdo to be an expat in Bangkok? And you’ll get another reminder of our big anniversary show coming up, and how you can get your own freaky self involved.

On this episode we ask the immortal question: do you have to be a little bit strange to live in Bangkok? We don’t mean that (necessarily) in a bad way, you understand. But it sure seems that, on some level, people who tend to thrive on chaos deal really well with the uncertainty, noise, culture shock, and political instability that are endemic to Thailand. If nothing else, you sure need to have an 'elastic outlook' on life. All of that is the exact opposite of life in most western countries, so by definition, you have to be okay with rejecting the "normal" parts of your native culture. And that’s something not everyone is comfortable with. Not surprisingly, your hosts of the Bangkok Podcast self-identify with the moniker “weirdo”, which probably explains why we’re doing alright here. In this episode we talk about why we fit, what other strange people we’ve met during our time in the kingdom, and then diss on some people who claim to be strange, yet just follow along with the crowd. Let your freak flag fly and enjoy this fun episode of our show.

Love, Loathe, or Leave

We’ve all seen them - trimming hedges, fixing cables, doing construction work. The hidden ninjas of Bangkok, the manual laborers who clad themselves from head to toe in clothing despite the ungodly heat and job in direct sunlight. Why do they do it? Don’t they get dehydrated? And why do they look at us like WE’RE the strange ones for wearing shorts?

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