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It’s nearly Xmas, so we figured we’d might as well start getting into the spirit of things with a Xmas-themed show. Now those of you who are westerners understand just how important Xmas is in your home countries. In most places it’s the BIG DADDY of holidays, the one that the entire year has been building up to. In fact it’s so big that they even celebrate it in countries where, to be honest, it has no real business being celebrated. Like this one!

Trouble is… we’re not good experts on the topic. Evo’s never experienced the holiday in Thailand, and Greg usually spends Christmas at work. So rather than being all bah humbug, we reached out to some Thai nationals to find out what they do, other than spend a bunch of money at the malls.

For Love, Loathe, or Leave this week we take on the great toilet paper debate. Where do you sit (heh) on issue? Are you a flusher, or are you a trash bin user? And what if there isn’t a bum gun in use? Our answers may surprise you. Or anger the public works people.

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