Dengue infections are off the chart this year, and it pays to know the dangers. Do you? ARE YOU SURE?

Greg interviews Dr. Vorapot, an expert in travel medicine and in particular tropical diseases such as dengue fever. Greg and Dr. V review the scary data on the increases in dengue cases in Thailand, noting that different types of mosquitoes breed in different environments. Luckily, the type that carries malaria tends to breed in clean water in the jungle, but other types can breed in cities such as Bangkok, especially during the rainy season. 

Dr. V goes through the stages of dengue fever infection. Surprisingly, about 90% of dengue infections result in little or no symptoms, but about 10% of people suffer serious effects. A further complication is that sometimes later exposure to dengue can result in more serious consequences, and the dengue vaccine itself must be carefully administered to not put patients in a more vulnerable state. Dr. V also reviews the symptoms of dengue fever, which unfortunately can mimic the symptoms of other viral infections. 

Last, the good doctor runs through a great mnemonic device to help prepare you for many tropical diseases. Listen in to get some great advice that might keep you out of trouble while travelling in Thailand. 

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