With Ed still on vacation, Greg is joined by special co-host Scott Coates to discuss a question of the ages – when driving in Bangkok, what’s the best way to do it – car, or motorbike?

Despite neither of the guys having their own transportation for their first 15 or so years in town, both now drive regularly – Greg in a car, and Scott on a motorbike. So which one is best?

They discuss the ups and downs of each type of ride, special gear bike riders need, the limitations that car drivers face, and pet peeves they have about trying to find a parking spot in places where you’d think it would be easy.

Plus, a bike-related Love, Loathe or Live With – as a bike rider himself, what does Scott think about motorbikes using the sidewalks to bypass traffic – including (probably) Greg sitting in his car at a red light? Listen to find out.

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