This is Part 2 of Greg’s interview with Dan Fraser, an old friend, Thai TV star, and owner of adventure travel company Smiling Albino. Continuing their conversation, Dan talks about the challenges of transitioning from a business manager ‘control freak’ (his words) to a TV entertainer whose role is mostly to be the goofy foreigner having crazy experiences in Thailand. The key is finding his inner child and having faith in his producer to watch his back and make the kind of show that the producer wants. Although it might not always work out how he wants it to…

From cultural mishaps to running to catch planes to eating a wild variety of food – from ‘orgasmically delicious’ (his words) to ‘vile and violent’ (also his words). An example of the latter would be lightly steamed ‘gooey swamp toads.’ Suffice it to say that someone picky about what they eat could never do Dan’s job on the show!

Last, Greg asks Dan about any lessons he has learned about Thai culture being on the show, and, with a laugh, Dan points out that being on the show taught him that he really knew very little about the real Thailand, even though the show began after he had already been an expat for 10 years. It’s a great lesson for foreigners in Thailand: almost all of us know far less about the country we call home than we think.

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