Greg interviews Tony Joh, an old friend and co-host of Season 1 of the Bangkok Podcast to reminisce about their true noob status as pioneer podcasters and re-living their early successes (and screw-ups). 

Tony then explains his move to Japan and how he liked his job (at first) due to his ability to work from home (and avoid Japanese corporate culture). Lo and behold his small company was bought by a big corporation, and Tony was required to work in the office, significantly decreasing his job satisfaction. Tony and Greg trade stories about working for Asian companies (which Greg has done in the past), and compare and contrast Japanese and Thai culture. 

The last stage of Tony’s journey was to move back to Canada, where he has been for the last year and a half. Tony recounts his re-adjustment to his home country, and ironically talks about how weird it is to have everything work well and being ‘normal.’ This leads to his possible interest in heading back to Asia for more adventures, because, let’s be honest, Asia’s where it’s at. 🙂

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