Greg and Ed are very happy to welcome to the podcast Taopiphop Limjitrikorn, a beer entrepreneur and current member of Thai parliament from the Future Forward Party. 

In this first of a two-part interview, Greg and Tao discuss Tao’s background as a lawyer and how he transitioned from that into brewing his own beer, which – believe it or not, he got arrested for! Greg explains, with Tao’s help, that Thai law is shockingly unfair to small brewers, essentially making it impossible for anyone but larger corporations (or ultra-rich families) to make beer in the Kingdom. So then what’s up with Thai craft beer around Bangkok? Well, Tao explains that all (legal) Thai craft beer is actually made over the border in Cambodia and then imported into Thailand and subjected to heavy duties.  

Coincidentally, Tao heard about a new political movement in Thailand made up largely of young people who wanted to move beyond the red-yellow divide of previous generations. This movement morphed into the Future Forward Party, and without big money or a big family name (or any political experience), Tao jumped into the Thai election held earlier this year. Although he was in a district traditionally controlled by Thailand’s biggest political party, Tao pulled off a huge upset win!

Make sure to listen to next week’s show when Ed and Tao discuss his new life as a member of Thai parliament. 

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